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Who Are We?

Our Association was founded in the 1950's by lake residents who believed it was important that those who love Lake Harvey work together to protect, preserve and enhance the wonderful quality of life that residents and visitors alike enjoy. That remains our mission today.

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The Lake Harvey Blog is GONE!!

At least for now, due to lack of bloggers!


Lake Harvey in Words and Pictures

Located in the heart of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, our lake is a truly special place to be.
Here you can view photos or read stories, and remember times gone by - or even post your own stories and photos to create new memories for everyone to share...

Activities, Events and Contests

There's nothing like summer events at the lake.
Find out more about what's going on this summer.

In 1993, our Lake Harvey Association held its first Ice Out Contest. It has since become a popular annual tradition.
Find out more about the Ice Out Contest and join in on the fun.


Lake Harvey Association Members Only:

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